Combat Sport Requirements

We take the fundamentals and apply them to Combat Sport Competition. "Rule Set Dictates Strategy" so we train the student in all areas to make sure they always have a trick of their sleeve to win.

Body Contact
 - Head grab around

 - Head grab same side
 - Head and arm triangle

 - Elbow to the outside
 - Elbow to the inside
 - Elbow wrap

 - Wrist and Head
 - Two on one inside
 - Two on one outside

 - Body grab over arms
 - Body grab over / under
 - Body grab under arms

 - Defenses and escapes to all above
Leg takedowns
Double leg
  - Single leg

  - High C

 Foot sweep drills - done with bottom of foot
- Outside leg, outside leg
     inside leg, inside leg
  - Outside leg, inside same leg
     inside opposite leg, outside same leg
  - Outside leg, inside opposite leg
     outside opposite leg, inside opposite leg

Foot Movement
 - Cuban step

 - Walking punches
 - Lateral step
 - Cross step
 - Dragging step
 - Power step
 - Shift step
 - Shuffle step
 - Switch step
​ - Knee step
 - Hop step
​ - Skip step
 - Jump step
 - Kick step
Faking (causing a reaction; left, right, back)
 Fake punches; jab, cross, hook
 - Fake the front leg kick; front, round
 - Fake the rear leg kick

    - Superman punch
    - Submarine kick
    - Question mark kick
 - Fake the shot


Two Point Ground Transitions 
- Takedown into full mount, strike
 - Takedown into scarf hold, strike
 - Side control escape into turn over, strike
 - SCE into arm bar
 - SCE into triangle choke
 - Guard sweep into arm bar
 - Guard sweep into arm triangle
 - Mount escape into guard pass, knee on belly
 - Scarf hold escape into Americana