Sei Shin Jitsu Fundamentals

The Fundamentals as they're described here are no more than taking what works from many different martial arts and combining it to make a complete system.  Martial Arts, simplified, is all about gaining position and striking. Add to that pushing and pulling and everything is covered. The fundamentals cover all of these!
Punch Combinations;
 Each combination follows with one of the 8 weapons; hand, elbow, knee or foot.

 - Double jab
 - Jab, cross

 - Cross, jab
 - Cross, hook 
 - Hook, cross
 - Uppercut, hook
Kicking Drills;
 Basic kicks

  - Front kick
  - Roundhouse kick
  - Knee kick
  - Side kick
  - Back kick
Foot Movement Drills;
 "T" movement
  - Forward, back, side, side

 Circular Movement
  - Clockwise, counterclockwise 

 90 degree angles
  - Moving to outside, inside
Falling / Rolling Combinations  
 Side Pattern
  - Side fall R, side fall L, 
     roundhouse fall R, roundhouse fall L

 Forward Pattern
  - Front fall, back fall, bridge fall, back roll

 Rolling Pattern
  - Forward roll R, back roll R,

     forward roll L, back roll L
Primary Kicking Combinations;
 Roundhouse Kick Combos
  4 point combos

   - Thigh / thigh
      Shin / shin
   - Same side;
   - Alt sides;


Front Kick Combo
   - Front leg body
   - Rear leg body
   - Front leg thigh
   - Rear leg thigh

Knee Combos
   - Side / Side
   - Up / Up

   - Shuck two knees
   - Shuck two knees other side
Elbow Combinations;
 Elbow Combos
  - Same side; Up, across, back 
  - Alt sides; Up, across, down 

Defensive Combinations + Automatic Responses
Head Movement
  - Slip / slip - straight punches

  - Dip / dip - hook punches

  - High cover / high cover - hook punches

  - Low cover / low cover - roundhouse kicks

  - Front parry / front parry - straight punches

  - Low parry / low parry - front kicks

 Upper Body Blocking ... from 1/2 stance
  - Forearm block / forearm block - hook punches

  - Inside block / inside block - body punches 

 Lower Body Blocking - Low roundhouse kicks
  - Knee lift outside / inside front leg

  - Switch stance for other leg

 Knee Blocking ... head pulled down
  - Cross block low to middle x2

  - Cross block to the side x 2

 Grabbing ... against front and roundhouse kick
  - Grab front kick x 2

  - Grab over leg x 2
  - Jab then jam with same hand

  - Cross then jam with same hand
Positional Kicking Combinations
Low line attack pattern to the FRONT
  - Cross stomp / front kick to hip x2

  - Shin scrape x2
  - Knee kick/ roundhouse kick same leg x2
  - Knee kick w/ shin to mid section

​ Low line attack pattern to the REAR
  - Foot stomp x2

  - Cross leg with heel x2 
  - Straight back to knee x2 
  - Peel hands and back kick 

 Low line attack pattern to the SIDE
  - Stomp / side kick below knee
  - Cross stomp kick to knee
  - Side kick to hip
Ground Movement
 Shrimping - Forward, Reverse, Circular
  - On the back
  - Down on elbow
  - With the hand
 Samurai Walking

Ground Positions and escapes
 - Side control
 - Knee on belly
 - Full mount
 - Scarf hold
 - Guard 
   - O Soto Gari - Major outside reap / done from various positions

   - O Uchi Gari -  Major inside reap / done from a kick or leg grab