History of Sei Shin Jitsu

1970's and 1980's

1973- 1986
Bushido Sei Shin Jitsu is formed from the combination of a number of different martial arts styles with the original teaching coming from Inasio Anzures and the original Koei Kan system he studied. 

Anzures leaves the Koei Kan organization and changes the requirements of the system. This brings the addition of Kickboxing and Aikido and shifts the focus to both Sport and Self Defense.

Eric LaLone enlists in the US Army. Turns the position of assistant instructor over to Gary Lovins.

Eric LaLone fulfills a contract to teach Hand to Hand combatives to 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

The Defense Institute opens in Colorado Springs. Eric LaLone adds new martial arts and techniques into the developing system.

Inasio Anzures promoted to Hachidan - 8th BB at Keepers of the Torch ceremony. New Kanji commissioned for Black Belts. 

A samurai picture is commissioned for a mural at The Defense Institute. This eventually becomes the logo for Sei Shin Jitsu.
The Koei Kan school closes and Anzures retires from teaching the martial arts.
January 31, 2009   
Bushido Sei Shin Jitsu is officially established. A seminar and ceremony are held by Eric LaLone to bring everyone into the new system. All Black Belts are now ranked and recognized and a numbering system is adopted for all Black Belts promoted.

The Original 9 Black Belts recognized at the ceremony:
#1 Eric LaLone, 7th degree; Shihan
#2 Gary Lovins, 6th degree; Shihan
#3 Chris Thomas, 4th degree; Sensei
#4 Justin DeStefano, 3rd degree; Sensei
#5 Rob Graff, 4th degree; Sensei
#6 Stafon Stevens, 3rd degree; Sensei
#7 Chris Brophy, 3rd degree; Sensei
#8 Jon Nelson-Griffith, 2nd degree; Sensei
#9 Maurice Sova, 3rd degree; Sensei 

2010 to present

High level promotions awarded to Eric LaLone; 8th Black and Gary Lovins; 7th Black. This makes them the highest ranking instructors in the system. 

FreeStyle Jujitsu is created by researching wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, judo, Sabaki, and jujitsu. This is kid friendly MMA with absolutely NO HEAD contact.

Dave Russell forms Shizoku Martial Arts; a Sei Shin Jitsu school operating out of Atlanta, Georgia 

Stick Jitsu is developed to teach locking and striking with different lengths of sticks, all for self-defense applications.
Empower Training Center, the new Sei Shin Jitsu headquarters, under Eric LaLone opens in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Matt Baldwin opens Warrior Martial Arts in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Sei Shin Jitsu celebrates Inasio Anzures' 40 years as a Black Belt.
Gary Lovins promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt at the ceremony.

Tenchikan Martial Arts located in Las Vegas, NV operated by Troy Spees is recognized as an official Sei Shin Jitsu school.  
Eric LaLone is officially named as the head of Sei Shin Jitsu. LaLone continues to keep the system dynamic and on the cutting edge.

With Eric LaLone as the official head of the system, changes began immediately.

The tagline for Bushido Sei Shin Jitsu changes from "Way of the Warrior Spirit" to "Training Warriors for Modern Day!"

New guidelines are set for all Black Belts being promoted in Sei Shin Jitsu with provisional belts and certificates issued to all incoming Black Belts.

New Black Belt requirements, Black Belt patches, and Senior Instructor belts and titles are redeveloped and updated.