Locations teaching Sei Shin Jitsu

We have locations in:

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lake Orion, Michigan
Las Vegas, Nevada
Atlanta, Geogia
Oxford, Michigan 

Empower Training Center

This is the United States Headquarters for the Sei Shin Jitsu system. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado all the classes are taught by Hanshi Eric LaLone and his capable staff of instructors.  Visit them at the following links:

Warrior Martial Arts

Sensei Matt Baldwin is moving onto teaching after retiring as a highly decorated police officer.  His Lake Orion, Michigan school is celebrating its ONE YEAR anniversary in November 2017. Sensei Baldwin focuses on teaching the entire Sei Shin Jitsu system to kids, adults, and police officers.   

Warrior Website
Warrior Facebook Page 

Tenchikan Martial Arts

A small group of students operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Sensei Troy Spees is a long time student of the martial arts. Not only is he a licensed school for Sei Shin Jitsu but he is also recognized by Japan as an official Koei-Kan school.    ​

Shizoku Martial Arts 

Senpai David Russell runs a unique program in the Georgia area. The class trains in sand volleyball pits, showing that self-defense has no boundaries. Russell is working on his next promotion in November of 2017!   

Oxford Martial Arts 

This club is all about the Senior Instructors of Sei Shin Jitsu. Led by Hanshi Gary Lovins this is a proving ground for new techniques and concepts that work their way into the system.   

Advanced Sport Competition

​The BASE as it's described here is no more than taking what works from many different martial arts and combining it to make a complete system.  Martial Arts, simplified, is all about gaining position and striking. Add to that pushing and pulling and everything is covered. The base covers all of these!
Punch Combinations;
 - Double jab, front kick
 - Jab, hook, round kick
 - Jab, cross, round kick

 - Cross, jab, front kick
 - Cross, hook, low round kick
 - Hook, cross, low round kick
 - Uppercut, hook, knee kick
 - Uppercut, cross, low round kick

Kicking Combinations;
 Primary kicks

  - Front kick
  - Roundhouse kick
  - Knee kick

 Positional kicks
  - Side kick
  - Back kick
Foot Movement Drills;
 "T" movement
  - Forward, back, side, side

 Circular Movement
  - Clockwise, counterclockwise 

 90 degree angles
  - Moving to outside, inside

Falling / Rolling Combinations  
 Side Pattern
  - Side fall R, side fall L, 
     roundhouse fall R, roundhouse fall L

 Forward Pattern
  - Front fall, back fall, bridge fall, back roll

 Rolling Pattern
  - Forward roll R, back roll R,

     forward roll L, back roll L

Offensive Combinations;
 Roundhouse Kick Combos
  6 point

   - Outside thigh / inside thigh
      inside thigh / outside thigh
      low shin / low shin

  4 point
   - Same side; Low/high, low/high
   - Alt sides; Low/high, high/low


Offensive Combinations (cont);
 Elbow Combos
  - Same side; Up, across, back 
  - Alt sides; Up, across, down 

 Body Contact drills
  - High pummeling
  - Low pummeling 

Ground Combinations 
 Offensive Manuevering
  - Full mount, side control, scarf hold, 
     back into side control, full mount
     repeat to the other side

 Back and Forth Drills

  - Side control escape, partner does guard pass
  - Guard sweep, partner does full mount escape
  - Scarf hold escape into side control back into

     scarf hold, partner repeats
Defensive Combinations
Head Movement
  - Slip / slip - straight punches

  - Dip / dip - hook punches

  - High cover / high cover - hook punches

  - Low cover / low cover - roundhouse kicks

  - Front parry / front parry - straight punches

  - Low parry / low parry - front kicks

 Upper Body Blocking ... from 1/2 stance
  - Forearm block / forearm block - hook punches

  - Inside block / inside block - body punches 

 Lower Body Blocking - Low roundhouse kicks
  - Knee lift outside / inside front leg

  - Switch stance for other leg

 Knee Blocking ... head pulled down
  - Cross block low to middle x2

  - Cross block to each side x 2

 Grabbing ... against roundhouse kick
  - Grab over leg x 2

  - Grab under leg x2

  - Parry jab then jam with hand

  - Parry jab then jam with body
Throws and Takedowns
 Foot sweep drills - done with bottom of foot
  - Outside leg, outside leg

     inside leg, inside leg
  - Outside leg, inside same leg
     inside opposite leg, outside same leg
  - Outside leg, inside opposite leg

     outside opposite leg, inside opposite leg

 Leg reaps
  - O Soto Gari - Major outside reap / done from
     variety of positions
  - O Uchi Gari - Major inside reap / done from a
     kick or leg grab