Belt Requirements

Sei Shin Jitsu belt requirements give the student the concepts needed to excel in their field of study. This may be Self Protection or Combat Sport Competition. Gone are the days of only learning "what is required for the next belt ranking." Sei Shin Jitsu teaches you applicable techniques done primarily in combinations against a live partner. Each level is limited and is structured so each instructor can concentrate on the individual needs of the student.

At the Fundamental level, all practitioners of Sei Shin Jitsu will learn; 

Kickboxing Combinations and Movement to set the tone for your training.

Falling and Rolling to ensure safety if you are ever thrown or if you slip.

Close Quarter Offensive and Defensive Maneuvering to make sure you don’t get hit but are able to position yourself for maximum effectiveness.

Takedowns to put someone down on the ground and gain an advantage.

Movement on the Ground to make sure you don’t end up at a disadvantage in an unfamiliar setting.  

Once the student reaches the intermediate level they move into a chosen course of study; Self-Defense or Combat Sport Competition