Sei Shin Jitsu Senior Titles  (updated 7 Oct 2018)

Sei Shin Jitsu, like most martial arts, has a hierarchy set up to ensure that new ideas are being brought into the system, the quality of training is exceeding the standards, and all questions are answered in a quick and concise manner.  

The senior titles recognized by Sei Shin Jitsu are: Hanshi, Shihan, and Renshi. These are used primarily in written correspondence, such as signatures on certificates. This is much the same way a doctor would place M.D. behind his name or a Major in the US Army would sign his name with MAJ.

To the right of each section is a visual of the belt awarded. Sei Shin Jitsu only uses Eosin Panther belts as they are seen as the highest quality belts on the market and we want to recognize our Black Belt as the highest quality as well.       ​

Hanshi; Model Instructor

HANSHI is the highest title that can be bestowed.  It translates as "Model Instructor" as in a model for the whole or model for everyone.  This title is reserved for those Black Belts of 8th degree and higher.  Hanshi wear the Black Belt with a red underside.

Eric LaLone, Hanshi; Head of the System

Gary Lovins, Hanshi; International Director of Training

Shihan; Master Instructor

SHIHAN is the Master Level instructor rank awarded to those attaining the rank of 6th and 7th degree Black Belt.  These instructors know the skills of both the Combat Sport Program and the Self-Defense Program. Shihan are recognized with the Red and Black checkered belt with Black Tips.

Robby Graff, Shihan

Maurice Sova, Shihan

​Stafon Stevens, Shihan

Renshi; Polished, Expert Instructor

Renshi is the first of the Senior level instructors. Renshi are at the top of their course of study and are recognized with just a hint of color on their Black Belt at the tips.

Matt Baldwin, Renshi

Troy Spees, Renshi [posthumously]

The Renshi Belt is taking the place of the Black Belt with complete red tips. Anyone that you find wearing the red tips after February 2, 2019 are either:

1. Not Recognized in Sei Shin Jitsu

2. No longer actively training


Black Belt Patches

All Black Belts from Shodan through Yondan (1st degree through 4th degree) wear the Solid Black Belt. After Black Belt #68, all the Black Belts have Bushido Sei Shin and the Black Belt number embroidered in Gold and the Black Belt's name embroidered in Red. Degrees or Levels of Black Belt are recognized visually by the patch worn by the practioner. This could be worn on their uniform or shorts. 
Yondan and above