The System; Bushido Sei Shin Jitsu

Just like all effective systems Sei Shin Jitsu is mixed martial arts based using principles, concepts, and techniques from a variety of martial arts. 

Self-Defense is not waiting for your opponent to hit you. We instead recognize a threat and stop it before it actually hurts us. This means real techniques for real situations that work all the time, every time!  Students don't have time to learn techniques that don't work. We eliminate ineffective movements, complex ceremonies, and traditional forms or kata.

We work from different ranges so we are not caught off guard.

1. Weapons, both offensive and defensive Stick, Knife, Gun.
2. Punching, kicking, and striking in combinations.
3. Trapping and grappling to put them on the ground.
4. If you end up on the ground getting back up to your feet.

The goals of positioning and striking allow us to survive the situation and go home safely!

Combat Sports is continuous fighting with body contact. This includes Boxing, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, and Freestyle Jujitsu. This program is designed for the student that wants to focus on honing their skills against an opponent in the cage, the ring, or the mat. We make sure that the student's skill set is one that will allow them to not only win but dominate.

The technical know-how is what we give each student to make sure they are as well rounded as possible. Punching, kicking, takedowns, control, and submissions are the basis of what we teach, along with the strategy and ring generalship.
While matching skill set vs skill set with an opponent is fine, we teach students to shift their mindset, techniques, and strategy to give them the advantage against the opponent at hand.

The goals of positioning and striking set us up to gain control of our opponent and win the match according to the rules laid out.